Top FAQs on Ibogaine Healing Treatment

Iboga has proven its efficiency in healing addicts of any substance under the constant supervision of experts. Alongside curing the people from giving up their obsession for opiates including heroin, cocaine, suboxone, oxycodone, methadone etc the therapy has shown magic in curing addicts of alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, amphetamine and more. Iboga healing treatment has also proven its effectiveness in healing people psychologically and spiritually.

There are a very few noteworthy centers offering effective ibogaine trips throughout the globe. Using the substance is banned in many countries, but those who really want to cure and get back to normal life naturally, then they should travel to Spain, Slovenia, Costa Rica, Mexico and places where using the substance iboga is legal.

Let’s explore some of the most important FAQs about the ibogaine healing treatment—

What is Iboga? How it came to existence?

There are a very few people out there with the proper knowledge of what is ibogaine? Found in 1960 in Bwiti district of West Africa, this shrub iboga was used there for initiation rituals and other local rites involved with the adolescents entering the paradigm of adulthood. Later on, the shrub was taken to the UK and the US along with different other countries by the globetrotters. Within a short while, the substance created a hullabaloo among the addicts and they started taking it. Irritated by the consequences, many countries banned it.

But this is not the end of iboga. The substance later on introduced once again to the society but this time as a prudent medicine claiming to have enormous powers to cut off any addiction. And in the recent past, it is a proven fact. Iboga is the only herbal remedy to cut off any sort of addiction including drugs, alcohol, marijuana, nicotine and other chemicals.

How does the ibogaine treatment work?

As they call it “cleaning of viruses” from the human body the healing is done by injecting the full dose of iboga either in total alkaloid form or as iboga hydrochloride. Considering the depth of the situation, both the components are mixed and given to the patients in the forms of capsules to ensure quick recovery from the addiction.

What is the success rate of the treatment?

In most cases, patients attending the ibogaine trip recover from the addiction and get back to the normal flow of life. The therapy is scientifically designed which offer something more than just giving them the dosages of medicines. The therapists must have the passion for helping the addicts in returning to their families like they were earlier- a person without any kind of obsession for any sort of substance and even alcohol or nicotine.

How’s the trip going to help?

As the therapists at the ibogaine healing centers prefer to call it a journey or a trip more than a simple rehab. It is going to be an experience for the patients visiting the house. They are cured by offering medicines, dosages of iboga, massage therapies, care, good food, and psychological counseling.

Author’s Bio

Adam Rajba is an expert Ibogaine treatment provider at Iboga Tree. Being a victim of a violent childhood he himself was an addict for over 16 years. Now, after curing from the addiction, Adam aims to heal people going through the similar situations in which he was once trapped.


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