6 Considerations for Selecting Healthcare Workers Uniforms


There are a wide variety of healthcare workers who need to have uniforms to wear to their jobs. Healthcare workers include everyone from nurses to doctors to dentists to veterinary technicians and every position between. Whether they buy their own or the facility supplies their uniforms, companies who make them should be able to offer uniforms with the following qualities.

Comfortable to Wear

Most healthcare workers are on their feet for most of the day, so it is important that their uniforms be comfortable. Wearing something binding can not only restrict the person’s movements, but they may feel too hot or uncomfortable while working a long shift. While many new uniform designs are stylish, the comfort of the wearer should be the first priority when selecting uniforms for workers.

Easy to Clean

All healthcare workers’ uniforms should be easy to clean. While lab coats, scrubs, and other uniforms are made to repel liquid, it is also important for uniforms to be easy to clean so they can be as germ free as possible when worn at work. Since they will be washed every day, they should also be made from durable fabrics to keep costs down for facilities who provide and launder healthcare workers’ uniforms.

Variety of Colours

Companies making uniforms for healthcare workers should offer a wide selection of colours, especially for scrubs. Many hospitals colour code uniforms so other staff members will immediately recognise the department in which a nurse or technician works. With a hospital having several departments, it is important for them to be able to choose a wide selection of colours to help coordinate members of their staff.


Uniform companies who specialise in healthcare uniforms should also offer more professional options for staff who work in offices. While receptionists or people in the back office may wear their own clothing to work, most patients prefer to see staff handling patient care in some type of uniform so they are identifiable. Many uniform companies offer skirts, trousers, button downs, and pull over shirts appropriate for the office, but also made to help patients recognise healthcare workers.


Since most healthcare workers will need to have several uniforms ready for work, they need to be affordable. Facilities who supply uniforms will need hundreds of each size so staff members are properly attired and comfortable throughout the day. These facilities will also need affordable choices so they can have an inventory of scrubs and lab coats always on hand.

Rental Options

Companies who supply healthcare workers’ uniforms should give facilities the option to rent uniforms instead of buying them outright. When they rent uniforms, those that are too stained or beginning to show wear can be replaced with new uniforms. For hospitals, it may be more cost effective to buy uniforms as they do their own laundering, but for clinics and doctors’ offices, renting may be the better option.

These six considerations are important for facilities who need uniforms for doctors, nurses, technicians, and other healthcare workers.

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